EURALIUS IV ended on 31 March 2018.
EURALIUS V started on 1 April 2018.
The new EURALIUS V website is under construction.

 EURALIUS has been present in Albania since 2005. At that time there was a particular need for a fundamental reform of the justice system, since the country was experiencing difficult progress from previous strict communist regime to democracy. There were many challenges ahead for the Rule of Law. 

The main objective of the project at that time was to facilitate, through the building of the required capacities within the Ministry of Justice and the Judiciary, the development of a more independent, impartial, efficient, professional, transparent and modern justice system in Albania, therefore contributing to the restoring of people’s confidence in their institutions.

The mission contributed and assisted several beneficiary state institutions in country, such as the Ministry of Justice, the High Council of Justice, the General Prosecution Office, Directorate of Prisons, Prison environments and Courts of all Instances. 

A team of International Experts, started working under the project for a two years period from 13 June 2005- 15 November 2007. EURALIUS I mission was headed by Dr. Gerald Colledani and later on from 1st of February 2007 by Dr. Roland Miklau. The project was designed by 10 components (Objectives) and respective International Experts gave their expertise in these fields: 

• Justice Organization and Enhancing Dialogue and Cooperation within the Justice System - Mrs. Kaarina Buure-Hägglund

• Law drafting and legal approximation - Mrs. Kathleen Imholz

• Judicial budged planning and management - Mr. Juris Avotins 

• Court administration and case management - Mrs. Christine Lindemann-Proetel & Mr. Johannes Schimpelsberger

• Penitentiary Issues - Mr. Peter Naks

• Enforcement of rulings - Mr. Thomas Schmidt

• Coordination of justice-related EU projects in Albania - Mr. Roland Miklau

EURALIUS I project`s contractor was the Austrian Federal Ministry of Justice and it was managed by the Center of Legal Competence (CLC).

Under the implementation of the first EURALUS there were achieved several results, from which can be mentioned the Law Drafting Manual-for the Codification Department of the Ministry of Justice, Installation of the CCMIS (Civil Case Management Information System), various recommendations for laws/draft-laws/sub legal acts, a Feasibility study on opportunities for applying alternative sentences etc. 

Today thanks to the feasibility study prepared by the International Experts of the Euralius I, the Albanian Government has established the Probation Service Directorate. See 

Outputs delivered 

Euralius I Final Report 

Law Drafting Manual


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