EURALIUS IV ended on 31 March 2018.
EURALIUS V started on 1 April 2018.
The new EURALIUS V website is under construction.

 EURALIUS II followed the closure of the previous project and operated from 15 November 2007 - 30 June 2010. The project contractor was the Austrian Federal Ministry of Justice and was managed by the Center of Legal Competence (CLC). 

The project was a continuance work followed from the previous Euralius I. The main objective remained the development of a more independent, impartial, efficient, professional, transparent and modern justice system in Albania. Therefore, it contributed to the restoring of people’s confidence in their institutions.

Ten main objectives were developed through 31 months, which was the official duration of the assistance. 

A Team of International Experts, headed by Dr. Roland Miklau, contributed and gave their expertise in the following components of the project: 

• Constitutional provisions, judicial reform, division of responsibilities/ Inter-institutional cooperation, improved performance, organic laws - Mrs. Christine Lindemann-Proetel

• Planning and resource management of MoJ and Judiciary/Financial Management -Mr. Juris Avotins

• Quality of legal drafting, approximation of legislation to EU acquis, advice on legislation and cost analysis of legal drafts - Mrs. Katheen Imholz

• Prison system, remand system, alternatives to detention and imprisonment -Mr. Peter Naks

• Enforcement system -Mr. Kimmo Juhani Vikman

• Case management and court administration -Mr. Wilhelm Treiber

• Criminal Justice -Mrs. Marina Thode

• Land administration and immovable property rights -Mr. Christof Kopecky

Main beneficiary institutions of the mission were the Ministry of Justice, the General Prosecution Office, the High Council of Justice, the Directorate of Prison, the Courts and the Office for Budget Administration.

Several results achieved during Euralius II mission, were such as “Handbook for trainers-of-trainers for budget officers in judicial institutions of Albania”, Volume I – IV, various trainings and study visits in EU countries, several conferences for the Judges, the Prosecutors, the Ministry of Justice and the civil Servants.

Today the Codification Department in the Ministry of Justice is using the second volume of Law drafting Manual, upgraded and adapted to the current needs, prepared by the International experts from the 2nd Euralius mission.

Outputs delivered

Euralius II Final Report 

Court fee Study

Handbook for training material for budget officers in the courts of Albania

Handbook for training material for budget officers in the Prosecutions Offices in Albania

Law Drafting Manual




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