EURALIUS IV ended on 31 March 2018.
EURALIUS V started on 1 April 2018.
The new EURALIUS V website is under construction.

Euralius III started on 15 September 2010 and was finalized on 15 June 2013. This project was managed by the Fundacion Internacional y para Iberoamerica de Administracion y Politicas Publicas (FIIAPP). 

Project overall objective was the development of a more independent, impartial, efficient, professional, transparent and modern justice system in Albania. Therefore contributed to restore the people’s confidence in their institutions and to establish the rule of Law. The project continued with the same variety of target beneficiary institutions as the previous two missions in Albania. 

An internal organization of five components and five International experts were engaged in giving their expertise through respective objectives: 

• Reform of the Justice System. Mr. Joaquin Urias, Team Leader

• Assistance to the Judiciary. Mr. Gianluigi Pratola

• Criminal Justice. Mr. Giovanni Pasqua

• Enforcement of Rulings. Mr. Julien Lhuillier

• Case management. Mr. Pedro Lozano 

The most important results achieved were, the document on“Final Publication with main results achieved by the project”, several trainings for different target groups within the Ministry and subordinate institutions, upgrade of the current legislation and several recommendations.

Outputs delivered 

Euralius III Final Report  

Manual on Inspection of Courts

Final Brochure

After the finalization of the Project, the Team Leader Mr. Joaquin Urias, gave an interview to the local Television that was widely broadcasted on that time. The interview can be found here: 



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