On 3 June 2019, EURALIUS V in collaboration with PAMECA V and the School of Magistrates (‘SoM’) ...

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On 28 May 2019, EURALIUS in cooperation with the School of Magistrates organized a training on ...

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Training on Some Amendments

On 23 and 24 May 2019 EURALIUS V in cooperation with the IRZ and the School of Magistrates organized  ...

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  • Welcome

    Welcome to EURALIUS V.

    Since 2005 EURALIUS missions support Albanian institutions to bring the justice system closer to European standards. EURALIUS V will focus on supporting Albanian institutions to consolidate the justice system following the comprehensive justice reform. EURALIUS V will expand its assistance to five areas of intervention. Our core team of international and national experts works together with the main beneficiaries of the project, i.e with Parliament, Ministry of Justice, High Judicial Council, High Prosecutorial Council, High Justice Inspector, Courts, Prosecution Offices, Justice Appointment Council, School of Magistrates, Justice Monitoring Commission, National Chamber of Advocates, National Chamber of Notaries and National Chambers of Bailiffs. We invite you to visit our ongoing enriched library, where several consolidated laws are published, and useful research tools are made available to you under “International Standards”.

    In case you would like to learn more on the previous phases of EURALIUS, please click here!

  • Ministry of Justice and Parliament:


    • align laws to the European Union acquis
    • set up a new legal aid system
    • monitor the implementation of the justice reform
    • increase the analytical, policy making and legislative capacities

  • Justice Governance Institutions:


    • set up the High Judicial Council, High Prosecutorial Council, High Justice Inspector
    • establish merit-based and transparent procedures for the career development of judges and prosecutors
    • establish a proper disciplinary scheme for judges, prosecutors and members of the governance institutions
    • increase the standards for the performance evaluation of judges and prosecutors

  • Courts and Prosecution Offices:


    • increase the quality of services provided by prosecution offices and courts
    • shorten the length of proceedings
    • decentralize and restructure prosecution offices
    • enhance the fight against corruption and organized crime

  • IT Systems in Justice Institutions:


    • develop and enhance the case management systems
    • improve IT infrastructure
    • set up an Information Technology Centre

  • Capacity Building of Justice Officials/ Functioning of Chambers of Free Legal Professions:


    • strengthen the School of Magistrates to meet the expectations in view of a better functioning justice system
    • support the High Judicial Council and High Prosecutorial Council to train the court and prosecution office personnel
    • assist the National Chambers of Advocates, Notaries and Bailiffs to establish a democratic and transparent self-governance system


Long Term Experts




Consolidated/ Translated Legal Acts


Nationality of Experts


Ministry of Justice,
Zogu I Boulevard,
Tirana, Albania

+355 4 2240 333
+355 68 8046 000

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